Florida Keys Snorkeling — What You Should Expect

17July 2020


Florida Keys snorkeling is among the best in Florida. While there is not much snorkeling possible from shore, snorkeling tours are widely available in the Keys, including Key Largo, Marathon, and Key West.

Charter boat operations can put you onto some of the best snorkeling the Florida Keys has to offer. While each Keys location offers a different tour and layout, there are some things most of these tours have in common. And by checking around, you can select those that will provide you with an utterly amazing journey that fills all of your senses.

First, choose a tour that will put you smack dab in the middle of tropical fish you can see easily with your mask and snorkel. Some of the best snorkeling adventures are those that allow you to take advantage of the beauty that only wild animals can provide. Find out if the tour company provides dolphin viewings, manatee watching, or the chance to see turtles or other animals that may be in the area. If they do, it’s time to go for it! 

Check out how long the snorkel tour is, too. You’ll want to be out there at least three to four hours. That’s because it’s the best amount of time to get situated in the right location, get geared up with your safety best, mask, fins, and snorkel, and then get the opportunity to watch for fish and marine animals. Some Florida Keys snorkeling operations run morning, afternoon, and night trips, so consider the weather and the bright sunlight if you are sensitive to burning.

When it comes to costs, even in most of the most tourist areas, you’ll find that snorkeling is relatively inexpensive compared to other activities you might do. Of course, every snorkeling operation is different. Some take out many passengers at once, thus the price is lower. Other boats may be privately chartered for you, your family, and best friends. In this case, expect to pay more for the exclusive trip.

In some charter operations, children will be allowed to snorkel as well, but in others they may not be. Check for special accommodations for young children. Get pricing and reservation information before you leave so you don’t risk not having a spot available for you.

Because these animals are wild, realize there is no way to guarantee an interaction or even a viewing of animals such as dolphins. You simply need to realize that it’s up to them and their desire to be around you. In addition, there are other potential situational problems, including the weather. But safety first! Most of all, the tour guides have to protect two different populations. They have to protect you, the passengers. Plus, they need to ensure that the marine animals remain safe and undisturbed as well.

When this is combined, though, you are sure to experience some of the best Florida Keys snorkeling you’ve ever encountered during your trip to Key Largo, Key West, or points in between.

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