Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Panama City Beach

24August 2020

Panama City Beach is one of Florida’s best vacation and diving destinations. Divers of all experience levels find plenty of options here. This place has some of the best diving locations on the Gulf Coast. Scuba diving Panama City Beach in Florida’s Panhandle region is divided into several categories: inshore, offshore, and more advanced technical diving. With inshore diving close to the beach, the conditions and depths are safer for novices.

Offshore diving is available to divers with more advanced certifications. Technical diving is a highly advanced form of diving that exceeds the usual depth limits with typical scuba diving. Technical diving will teach you the challenges and adventures of exploring places that people have not seen. To know more about scuba diving and snorkeling in Panama City beach read the following article.

Best Places For Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in and  Around Panama City Beach

St. Andrews State Park:

This beach is one of the best for scuba diving. It provides a great location for tourists. The park has jetties, a boat ramp, two fishing piers, a campground, boat ramp, and natural trails. You do not even need gear for scuba diving. Just grab on your mask and fins and give snorkeling at Panama City beach a try. You can encounter plenty of starfishes, crabs, crustaceans, and more in the crystal clear water of Panama city beach.

Snorkeling at Shell Island:

This place is perfect for beginners who want to get a feel for snorkeling. It is also a great place for starting a snorkel safari. You will be able to spot crabs, tropical fish, rays, and other small marine animals while snorkeling. You may even have the luck to spot bottlenose dolphins and other marine animals.

Cypress Springs

Visiting Cypress Springs is a great way to enjoy fresh-water snorkeling in the Panama City Beach area. You can enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear water and watch the wildlife above and below the water. You may see turtles and fish underwater. On land, there are many birds, including herons, ibis, and woodpeckers. Allow yourself ample time to snorkel, sunbathe, and swim in this region.

Some Of The Scuba Diving Sites Of Panama City

Black Bart Dive Site

This is an extraordinary site because of its structure. Divers can investigate the wheelhouse at 40 feet down. You will see lots of fishes, big loggerhead turtles, amberjack, and angelfishes. The deck has various entrances to cargo holds. You can view a lot of marine life visiting from the nearby Warsaw reef.

Grey Ghost Dive Site

This sunken 105-foot tugboat was sunk intentionally to become an artificial reef. Due to the location far from the jetties, plant to spend all day visiting this dive site, which has a vast collection of fish and sea creatures. This is considered an advanced dive as the wreck lies on its side at 108 feet deep.

El Dorado Dive Site

During Hurricane Michael in 2018, the 144-foot cruise liner El Dorado was carried by the storm onto land. A project the next year used the wreck to become an artificial reef. The ship lies at 103 feet, but its top level is at 62 feet. Already, the wreck has become home to much marine life, including many fish species and even sandbar sharks.

No matter which location you choose, you’ll enjoy your outing scuba diving or snorkeling in the Panama Beach area.


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