Miami Diving and Snorkeling: What You Should Know

13August 2020

Interested in Miami scuba diving and snorkeling? The city of Miami is renowned for its immaculate sandy beaches and adventure sports. When you visit Miami, you’ll encounter people from around the world enjoying water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Many people visiting Miami enjoy watching marine life from the surface by snorkeling.

Make sure you carry your gear if you are visiting South Pointe Park and Government Cut; they are great sites for a memorable snorkeling experience. You’ll also love Jose Cuervo Reef, which is about 200 yards from the Street lifeguard stand. A concrete bar, Jose Cuevaro, weighing 10,000 pounds was sunk to create an artificial reef. The reef which seats 10-15 feet deep is a great snorkeling and diving site. You can swim to the reef from the beach. The neighboring jetty is rich in marine life.

Another attraction when visiting Miami is scuba diving. The city has so many excellent diving sites, it has earned the name ‘Wreckreational Dive Capital.’ In fact, Miami has over 75 wreck sites that are diveable. Actually, ships, tanks, and even a jet have been sunk to act as artificial reefs to attract wildlife.

There is also the Ophelia Brian which was initially called the sea taxi. The ship was renamed after the daughter of one of the divers sponsoring the project. You should expect to see plenty of marine life on the reef including eels, and lobsters among others.

Another divers’ favorite is the Blecher Barge. The wreck sunk in 1985 lies upside down with large holes making it ideal for penetration. You can enhance your experience by exploring nearby reefs like the Belzona I & II, Schurgar and Harry’s Barge.  

Read on to determine what type of gear you need and safety tips for Miami diving and snorkeling.  

What You Need To Get Started

Get the Right Equipment and Gear

If you are going for Miami diving or Miami snorkeling, you need the right equipment and gear to have fun safely. There are several dive centers by the beach where you can buy the equipment. If you are on a budget, you also have the option of renting.

What You Need

Having the right snorkeling equipment ensures you have fun in the water. If you are a newbie, you should consider snorkel gear sets. You’ll need:

  • Mask – get a mask that fits you faultlessly. You need to know your face dimensions to get the perfect mask.
  • Snorkel- acquire the right snorkel for your mouth shape and comfort.
  • Fins – the type of fin you select depends on your skill level and muscle strength. Ask the shop to help find the right fit for you.
  • Buoyancy compensator vest – this gear is for safety and floatation.

Safety Tips

As you venture into the water, your safety is essential. You can use these tips to stay safe out there, whether you are a newbie or experienced.

  • If it is your first time, learn basic snorkeling and diving skills.
  • It would be best if you also if you were trained to read ocean conditions. You must be careful when there are currents.
  • Don’t swim alone in case something happens.
  • Please familiarize yourself with your equipment to ensure its working correctly.
  • For the good of the marine life — and for your own safety — do not touch anything while you are snorkeling or diving.

Where Can I Go Diving and Snorkeling In Miami?

There are several places in Miami where you can enjoy your Miami diving and Miami snorkeling. If you are new, you can seek the services of dive shops and tour operators like hotels and resorts. They will guide you to the best sites.

If you love marine adventures, you can consider lagoon diving, coral reef diving in marine sanctuaries, and even some beaches.

Bottom Line

If you are a marine adventure enthusiast, Miami Beach will offer you a memorable experience. The next time you land in Miami for a holiday, ensure you try Miami diving and Miami snorkeling. You’ll have a great experience exploring the underwater world.

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